[fluka-discuss]: Only get 1 Output File

From: Filipa Carvalho <fd.carvalho_at_campus.fct.unl.pt>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2019 18:18:59 +0100

Dear FLUKA experts,

After I run my simulation I notice I only get 1 output file, whereas I
should get 5, one for each cycle. When I try to merge them (I am using
flair interface) I get an error message which I can't really understand
where is the problem, it is:

Processing: entrance_fibres_21.bnn cmd=/home/fips/FLUKA/flutil/usbsuw
>>> entrance_fibres001_fort.21
>>> entrance_fibres_21.bnn
Segmentation fault
Processed file is older than some of the dependencies (%g). Maybe the run
is still going on?
Error processing: entrance_fibres_21.bnn
Ended: 2019.08.10 10:16:14

Possible errors: entrance_fibres_21.bnn
Correctly processed:

When I look for other processes running on my command line I can't seem to
find anything that could be interfering.

Thank you for your attention.

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