RE: How to calculate the emittance of beam using FLUKA

From: Markus Brugger <>
Date: Thu May 15 2008 - 14:34:06 CEST


depending on what you would like to score in detail (particle energy =
spectra or other multi-differential yields, e.g., angular, etc..) you =
can use one of the following detectors:

  scoring average d2=D6/dEd=D9 (double-differential fluenceor current) =
of a given type or family of particles on a given surface (defined by =
the two 'touching' regions)

  scoring double differential yield of particles escaping from a =
surface. The distribution can be with respect to energy and angle, but =
also other more "exotic" quantities=20

-> see the manual for more details on each of the two cards

hope this helps, cheers


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> Subject: How to calculate the emittance of beam using FLUKA
> Dear fluka users,
> I want to calculate the change of emittance when proton beam passes
> through a thin
> foil. I can give the initial distribution of the beam using source.f,
> but I don't
> know which detector I can use to calculate the emittance after the
> foil. I hope
> someone can help me.
> Thank you very much!
> Best wishes
> BI Yuanjie
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