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similar to the answer to Yuanjie it will depend if you are interested in =
particle energy fluence distributions 'only', or if you are interested =
by e.g., the angular distribution as well.=20

  scoring average d2=D6/dEd=D9 (double-differential fluenceor current) =
of a given type or family of particles on a given surface (defined by =
the two 'touching' regions)

  scoring double differential yield of particles escaping from a =
surface. The distribution can be with respect to energy and angle, but =
also other more "exotic" quantities=20

in addition, if you want to score the average fluence in a given volume =
(region) you can also apply one of the following two scoring options:

  scoring average d=D6/dE (differential fluence) of a given type or =
family of particles in a given region

-> see the manual for more details on each of the two cards

hope this helps, cheers


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> Hi All,
> I am new to this forum and also a novice user of Fluka. My best
> regards to those great people who developed and made it available.
> I have a problem. Can any body give me a suggestion ?
> I want to estimate the photon and neutron fluence emerging out of the
> system
> The system is:
> 320 MeV Alpha beam falling on thick target of Tantalum; the emerging
> neutrons etc falling on Fe cyclinder.
> *******
> Is it possible to do that with 320 MeV alpha in Fluka?
> With best regards to all of you,
> R. Ravi Shankar
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> Health Physics Unit,
> VECC, 1/AF, Bidhan Nagar,
> Kolkata 700 064.
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