[fluka-discuss]: Installation of Fluka 2020.0beta fails on older version of glibc

From: Dr. Stefan Harfst <stefan.harfst_at_uni-oldenburg.de>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 12:50:13 +0000

Dear Fluka authors and experts,

I am trying to get Fluka installed and running on our local HPC cluster, which is running under RHEL 7.2. GFortran from GCC 9.2.0 is available in form of a module. I have downloaded fluka2020.0beta-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz (in January before the last update) and followed the instruction for installation which leads to errors during the make command:

shptot.f:3733: error: undefined reference to '_ZGVbN2v_log'
ncdtrd.f:174: error: undefined reference to '_ZGVbN2vv_pow'
unfldp.f:59: error: undefined reference to '_ZGVbN2v_exp'

I believe these errors are the result of a too old glibc which is 2.17 in our case. From the libflukahp.a I was able to deduce that version 2.29 is needed. And indeed, when I install glibc 2.29 as a module and add the relevant information to the build process (-L/path/to/glibc-2.29/lib plus writing the same path to RPATH in the executable) I get no more errors from make.

However, testing Fluka now fails with a floating-point exception. Using example.inp from the installation directory:

[cluster]$ rfluka -N 0 -M 5 example
$FLUPRO = /cm/shared/uniol/software/9.2/fluka/2020.0beta-GCC-9.2.0

Initial seed copied from /cm/shared/uniol/software/9.2/fluka/2020.0beta-GCC-9.2.0
Running fluka in /user/lees4820/tmp/fluka/fluka_10900
================================ Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 =============================================/cm/shared/uniol/software/9.2/fluka/2020.0beta-GCC-9.2.0/flutil/rfluka: line 361: 10929 Floating point exception(core dumped) ${EXE} 2> $LOGF > $LOGF

Any help or advise is appreciated.

Best wishes

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