[fluka-discuss]: Detector to be placed at desired scattering angle

From: Aman Sharma <amanpup_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 20:06:54 +0530

Dear Fluka experts,

I am trying the scoring of scattered radiations through USRTRACK and USRBIN
cards. The region in USRTRACK is selected as detector, whose dimensions and
position (x,y,z) is entered through geometry input.

But I am not able to find any input for scattering angle while placing the
detector (well shielded). How I may place the detector (whose media is
defined through ASSIGNMA) at desired angle to record the radiations
scattered from the target?

Further, it would be helpful if you elaborate the difference for the use of
USRTRACK and DETECT cards. I am little confused about their use.

Thanks in advance !



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