Biasing primary particles

From: Horváth Dávid <>
Date: Tue Jul 08 2008 - 22:36:04 CEST

Dear Fluka users,

I'm trying to simulate a shielding for a spent fuel of nuclear reactor.
For to do this I'm using the soure.f routine to generate photons with
different energies. I need to transport this photons through a lead
To get results with good statistics the importance of primary photons is
needed. With manual biasing (slicing into smaller regions) I could bias
these photons, but my geometry will be to complicated for manual
biasing. And here is my problem. With the usimbs.f routine I make the
biasing, but I couldn't manage to apply this to the primary photons.
How can use this routine for the primaries?
Thanks for your answers.

Best regards,

engineering physicist student
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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