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Dear Charlie,


It looks to me that you are almost there. If I am not mistaken, the
picture you attached is actually plotting a 2D projection of the
uncertainties (%) associated with the output. In your picture, I see that
the "tickbox" in flair has Errors selected already. I think it makes sense
that your uncertainty is low around where your e- beam interacts with the
target grows higher as you move spatially away from the interaction.


For your other question, there is a "drop-down box" in flair that lets you
switch from a 2D Projection to a 1D projection. Don't forget you need to
select which axis you want to plot the projection around, which you can
specify under "Projection & Limits". With this 1D projection, you may plot
a 1D projection of dose, and I believe you will find your answer.


Also, I attached an annotated version of your picture to point out where
in the flair interface to edit. Hope this helps!




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Dear all,

I'm new in FLUKA so here are some questions might seem very simple. I want
to simulate a 22 Meg electron beam with a 6cm*6cm field size incident on a
30*30*30 cm water tank and I want to simulate at what depth from the
surface does the dose along the central axis reduce to 25% from the peak.

I've simulated it and got a plot like this


How do I get my answer? Besides, how can I know the uncertainty of my

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,


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