Re: [fluka-discuss]: where is the remaining energy?

From: Answers <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 22:16:47 +0100 (CET)


if you look in the .out file, you can find how the energy is partitioned
among the various regions. In your case roughly 1.05 MeV is deposited in
air, in the region you call "VOID", 4.85 MeV in the "TARGET" region, and
roughly 100 keV escapes the system. These balance exactly to 6 MeV, as you
can see in the ouput file just after the "Feeder ended due to timeout."

Also, at the end of the .out file, you can find the overall energy
balance, which again points to an exact sum of 6 MeV within 10^-12 GeV

The reason why you do not see all of the energy inside your USRBIN is
because it does not cover the whole air region (and obviously it misses
the escaping particles).

Concerning the DOSEQLET estimator, its results are not give an energy
per unit volume, but rather as explained in the manual, an energy per unit
mass (GeV/g) times the quality factor corresponding to the radiation under
consideration using the Q(LET) relation as defined in ICRP60, where
LET is LET_oo in water. Please note since your USRBIN's partially cover
air as well, the density is not everywhere the one of water.
You cannot expect to find the same value as the energy deposition, even
for quality factor 1, since parts of the binning have vastly diffrent

As a side comment, you are requesting an almost fully single scattering
transport of electrons (see your MULSOPT card) which is rather heavy
CPU-wise and it does not seem necessary at least for the water target
since it is rather bulky, I do not know if this is intentional or not.

On Thu, 12 Mar 2020, wrote:

> Dear Fluka Experts,
> Here I have incident a electron beam of 6 MeV in water and observed that the
> int value for energy deposition is about 4.869612602233E-3 GeV per cm^3 with
> maximum at 7.24683865E-4 GeV per cm^3. I want to know that where the
> remaining energy has gone? also when I applied usrbin for DOSEQLET in target
> it is observed that the int value is 6.4595951019175389E-3 which is greater
> than 6 MeV so Is it possible?

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