[fluka-discuss]: 3D exported data doesn't match correct binning

From: Tamer Tolba <t.tolba_at_fz-juelich.de>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2020 00:24:33 +0100

Dear all,

I am scouring energy using USRBIN card, according to the following steps (copied from 3D data file exported with usbrea):

     Cartesian binning n. 1 "Edep_Core " , generalized particle n. 208
      X coordinate: from -2.0000E+02 to 2.0000E+02 cm, 200 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
      Y coordinate: from -2.0000E+02 to 2.0000E+02 cm, 200 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
      Z coordinate: from 3.0000E+03 to 3.3200E+03 cm, 160 bins ( 2.0000E+00 cm wide)
      Data follow in a matrix A(ix,iy,iz), format (1(5x,1p,10(1x,e11.4)))

I realized that for 3D data exporting via usbrea, I got 6,400,000 data points, which theoretically comes from 200*200*160 bins! However, this is not correct because from x (and y) coordinates that starts at x(y)= -200 to x(y)=200 (with 2 cm wide) I should have 201 bins not 200 bins! The same applies for the z coordinate I should have, for z=3000 to z=3320 (2 cm wide), 161 bins not 160. So, in total I should have 201*201*161= 6,504,561 data points!

Since the 2D data exportation (via 2D *plot.dat) is the only way that fuka exports "coordinates+data_values", I decided to use it to check its results! For a big surprise I found that at fixed z (e.g. z=3000) I got, from the *plot.dat file 40,401 data points for the same x(y) range, i.e. x(y)= -200 to x(y)= 200 (with 2 cm wide), which indicates that it follows the correct binning of 201*201 (not 200*200).

Why the 3D exportation produces less data points than the actual binning? Or I miss something here?



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