RE: [fluka-discuss]: use of usryield for energy/angle plot

From: Ševčik Aleksandras <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 10:25:23 +0000

Dear Mario

Thank you for point out the mistake. Could you please help in explaining the interpretation of the graph I have attached which I got with the following USRYIELD in layman terms:

USRYIELD 0.001 0.0 100. 2. 1.5 3. &

As far as I understand:

  * I need Y-axis to show the kinetic Energy of the scattered photons; However, the quantity I am getting is not this most likely because of wrongly chosen WHAT(12) – what it gives me?. Which WHAT(12) option should I use to see kinetic energy of the scattered photons?
  * X-axis shows us the angle rage 2.5-3.1415 rad divided by 100 bins ?
  * TARGET > TARGET1 means the boundary where the scattered photons are crossing?

Thank you very much for elaborative explanation. Course slides I have could not help me much, unfortunately.


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Hi Aleksandras,

In flair empty plots usually are not plotted and you get a plot error message instead. This is what is happening in this case.
The reason is that you are requesting USRYIELD at the interphase between TARGET1 and _at_LASTREG, but @LASTREG=TARGET1, thus nothing can be scored.

(Also note that in your input file you have comments referring to cylindrical targets but instead you are using cubes)


On Mar 17, 2020, at 9:22 AM, Ševčik Aleksandras <<>> wrote:

Dear Fluka experts,

I am trying to utilize USRYIELD to be able to create the scattered photon plot , energy vs angle as per attached example.
I created the several usryield detectors as I understood from the tutorial courses as well as from some examples, see the attached inp file.
However, I am unable to plot any of them – when trying to do so, getting plot errors and nothing more.

Could someone point out my mistake and how I could gather the required data to plot energy vs angle in this case – I would appreciate so much a detail explanation,


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