Re: EPGMAX an update

From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 10:00:25 CEST

Dear Alessandro, in principle it is wrong, I do not know why the error vanished..
the parameter MXUSBX controls the maximum number of USRBDX structures
that can be read from one file, that means the max number of USRBDX cards
assigned to the same output unit. Moreover, changing it to 1200 clashes
with the max iteration in the loop that reads the usrbdx data.

The parameter that controls the maximum number of energy bins for each
usrbdx is NMXEBN. It should be at least equal to the number of energy bins
plus one. Warning: when scoring low energy neutrons, NMXEBN must also
contain the number of low energy neutron groups that are scored.
 hope this helps

> Dear all, I changed the PARAMETER ( MXUSBX = 700 ) from 700 to 1200 and
> recompiled a MYuswsuw routine.
> The error vanished !
> Is it right ???
> Best regards
> Alessandro

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