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From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 2008 - 09:34:03 CEST

Dear Alfred

you can simply dump in a file the neutrons produced by fluka, and re-read
it with a mcnpx source routine.
You can either dump each particle separately, or use double differentual
distributions and sample from them.
In the former case, one has to modify the mgdraw.f user routine in order
to dump the desired quantities ( for instance using the bxdraw entry to
dump particles exiting from the target). The current particle properties
can be accessed through the TRACKR common.The mgdraw routine has to be
activated through the USERDUMP card.
Alternatively, one could score neutrons through a USRBDX structure, then
re-read it and sample the neutron energy and angle from the double
differenntial distributions.

> Dear FLUKA Forum,
> I am interested to generate spallation neutrons produced by various
> leptonic primaries (e.g. e+, e-, mu+, mu-, tau, K and etc) in FLUKA and to
> use the spallation neutrons simulated by FLUKA in an MCNPX nuclear reactor
> study. I appreciate very much if anyone can give me some help on how to
> interface FLUKA and MCNPX.
> Regards,
> Alfred Tang
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