Problems with RESNUCLEI

From: Francesca Belloni <>
Date: Mon Sep 01 2008 - 18:08:37 CEST

Dear all,
      I'm trying to calculate the number of fission fragments detected
in a gas cell as a function of the target thickness, but I make some
      As a first step I'm using two 235U targets of thickness
x=1.7693E-5 cm and 2x=3.5385E-5. In order to avoid considering Ar itself
or products of its interactions, I made a sum on the number of fragments
given by RESNUCLEI in region 4.0 only for A>44 (that is n1+n2+n3+...with
n1=# of nuclei with A=45,n2=# of nuclei with A=46,n3=# of nuclei with
A=47,...). Does this 44 make sense?

In the case of thickness 2x, the sum is S1=4.886207e-07 (n/pr)while for
thickness x the sum is S2=2.361045e-07 (n/pr). But it should be 2*S2 > S1,
which is not what I obtained.
I include the input files and the *sum.lis obtained using usrsuw for "all
residual nuclei are scored".
Could anyone give me some hint, please?

best regards,
Francesca Belloni

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