[fluka-discuss]: scoring

From: Dr. Mansy <muhammad.mansy_at_eaea.org.eg>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 22:20:04 +0200

Dear fluka experts

I am trying to simulate an exp. using a radioactive source with
cylindrical volume of Co-60 isotope, two problems are exists

first i want to score:

a) the gamma spectrum form the rad source at the housing and after
attenuation through a certian sample given in the input file.

b) i want to define the initial activity of the source .

c) i want to score the dose-rate at the source and at the detector.

second if i want to make the source as a mixed source i.e., (contain
Am-241, Co-60 and cs-137) how could i define that and score the gamma
spectrum form them using NaI detector.

attached the input file.

Dr. Muhammad S. Mansy
PhD Nuclear Physics
Egyptian Atoic Energy Authority

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