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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 18:58:57 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Muhammad,

you can define the isotope source setting SDUM=ISOTOPE in the BEAM card,
and defining the Z and A of your isotope in the HI-PROPE card.

You cannot define the activity of your source directly. All FLUKA results
are normalized "per primary" (except event-by event scoring). In the case
of a radioactive source, a primary is one decay, thus you'll get results
normalized per Becquerel. You will have to normalize your results offline
(or in the Flair plotting menu, or by the Normalization factor in the
scoring card if available) multiplying by the activity of your source.

To activate radioactive decay in semi-analogue mode you have to set a
RADDECAY card with what(1) >1.0

To obtain gamma spectrum at different positions, you can use the USRBDX
card at the boundaries of interest (for instance, at the exit from the
housing), asking PHOTON as particle to be scored.

Note that you will need to add a DCYSCORE card with what(1)=-1.0 to each
one of your estimators, otherwise the decay radiation (gammas..) will NOT
be scored.

To score dose rate:
- if you mean deposited energy, you can use USRBIN estimators
    covering the regions of interest and asking for DOSE as quantity
    to be scored.
- if you mean equivalent dose, again USRBIN can be a way, asking for
- if you mean dose per unit of time, you cannot score it directly.
   FLUKA gives dose per unit of decay, but knowing the activity of
   your source you can calculate the dose per unit of time.

If you wish information at a specific position in your geometry, you can
use the mgdraw.f routine, but this will require a bit of basic

For mixed source, you can make use of the source.f routine
or perform different runs with different ISOTOPEs and sum the results
offline with the correct relative intensities of the sources.

I hope this helps.

On Sat, 18 Apr 2020, Dr. Mansy wrote:

> Dear fluka experts
> I am trying to simulate an exp. using a radioactive source with cylindrical
> volume of Co-60 isotope, two problems are exists
> first i want to score:
> a) the gamma spectrum form the rad source at the housing and after
> attenuation through a certian sample given in the input file.
> b) i want to define the initial activity of the source .
> c) i want to score the dose-rate at the source and at the detector.
> second if i want to make the source as a mixed source i.e., (contain Am-241,
> Co-60 and cs-137) how could i define that and score the gamma spectrum form
> them using NaI detector.
> attached the input file.
> --
> Yours..
> Dr. Muhammad S. Mansy
> PhD Nuclear Physics
> Egyptian Atoic Energy Authority

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