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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 15:56:13 +0530
Dear fluka expert,
I want to simulate the dose deposited by electrons of 1 MeV in water meanwhile I have a doubt about how the cuts works. I found the definition of prod cut as the energy above which secondary electrons will produce or the energy above which energy loss is descreate and below is continuous. 

While simulating, some energy deposition beyond the range ( 4mm). So I believe that this deposition is due to secondary particle, primary will deposite energy upto range only. 

Then I put prod cut equal to incident energy in that case too I got same results, no change in min, max or int value and also the deposition is going beyond range.

Please explain me then how the cuts are working, what changes we should expect from different prod cut values. Are these the software cuts ? 

Second doubt is when I am applying transport cut the input is deprecating for this.
What is the reason behind this. 

Third is when I am using IRRPROfy, dcytime and dcyscore to score dose rate, the result I am getting is 0.00000. Input file without these cards is giving output without error. Please correct me if I am giving wrong input with these cards. 

In IRRProfile card, particles per sec have to give, how we can relate these particles no. With no. Of particles given in start card.

One small question is the projection limits in flair plot window, whether it is giving the quantity to be scored within the limit. I mean if I want to calculate dose form 0 to 0.4 in z direction then by setting projection limit at 0 to 0.4 would give the desired result.

Here I have attached two input files one which I have used to calculate dose per primary and one to calculate dose per sec.
Please correct me in both sence of concept and input given. 

Anjali Kavar 

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