[fluka-discuss]: Scoring DOSE-EQ and RZ binning

From: Raksha Rajput <rakshak_at_britatom.gov.in>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 16:23:31 +0530 (IST)

Dear Experts,

I am new to the use of FLUKA, attempting to use it for the calculating the dose rates outside the shielding. Radiation source is a photon source.

I have attached the input file and the results obtained.

It would be nice if you can comment on the correctness of the input written.

I am not sure on the use of EMF thresholds. I understand that EMFCUT should be always be put with DEFAULTS-PRECISIO, but how about using it with EMCASA, as the difference is not much with and without EMFCUT (both results are of the order of 10E-09).

How should I score on the top surface of the shield ( axial direction of the cylindrical source) ?

Thanks so much in advance.
Raksha R.

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