Re: [fluka-discuss]: Replication geometry with LATTICE card

From: Answers <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 12:26:23 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Qi,
for appropriate use of Lattice card, please take a look
at the following lecture from the last FLUKA beginners' course in Spain,
slides 19-32:

As you can see there, the prototype has to be defined in detail,
and can be placed anywhere in your geometry.
Instead, the replica is an EMPTY container, that has to be placed
in the correct position of the replica.

The transformation has to be defined such to bring the container
to the prototype (and not vice versa).
To define the transformation, you can use the ROT-DEFI card.

Finally, to obtain the 100 replicas, you can either do it manually in flair,
defining 100 replicas in the geometry and the associated transformations,
or you can write an external routine (in fortran, C, C++, python, ... )
that generates an output text file of the form of the FLUKA cards
(Lattice and rot-defi, in this case), with all needed information.

You can then copy and paste the text file in your FLUKA input file,
opening it with any text editor.
Writing such external routine should be rather easy
when there is some order in the x, y and z coordinates,
as it seems to be in your case.

I hope this help.

Best regards

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020, Ding, Qi wrote:

> Dear Fluka experts,
> I want to repeat geometry with LATTICE card.
> It turned out the geometry could be replicated but all region materials of replicated geometry can't correspond to materials of prototype.(as show in figure 2). 
> And there was no error in flair.
> And another problem is that I want to replicate prototype for 100 times to get geometry in Fig.1.
> I have only replicated it once now, how to replicate 100 times?
> Please find attached input file.
> Thank you,
> Best regards,
> Qi Ding
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