[fluka-discuss]: Differences between RULL and ETRACK in mgdraw

From: Alessandro Calamida <alex.calamida2_at_tiscalinet.it>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 13:15:25 +0200

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have a doubt, what is the difference between the RULL variable and the
ETRACK one in the ENDRAW entry of the mgdraw subroutine. I read from the
manual that RULL is the energy deposited in a region at the stop of the
particle, instead, the second is the energy of the particle in the
track. But, why there is a difference a 10^3 between them? For example,
I have He^4 ions of 3.5 MeV energy. When I record the RULL variable, it
gives to me the results of 0.0035 GeV as exptected, but when I use the
ETRACK I have 3.5 GeV.

Beat regards and thanks for your time, Alessandro Calamida.

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