Re: [fluka-discuss]: mgdaw.f problems

From: Ding, Qi <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 09:54:25 +0000

Dear Stefan,

thanks for your detailed explanation.

the version I use now is FLUKA2020.0.4.

and the simulation task still stays in cycle 1 till now.

there are log- and .out-files in the fluka_xxxxxx working directory but no err.files produced.

I checked the two files but I can't determine the specific reason why my code didn't run.

could you please help me check the files?

Best regards,

Qi Ding

From: Stefan E. Mueller <>
Sent: 22 January 2021 09:45:04
To: Ding, Qi
Subject: Re: [fluka-discuss]: mgdaw.f problems

Dear Qi Ding,

with major version upgrades in FLUKA it may happen that user routines are
modified, and it is always good to check the user routine templates in
$FLUPRO/usermvax/ to see if there are relevant changes from one version
to another, and update the user routines accordingly.

That said, I can run your input without any modification with
fluka2020.0.5 and it doesn't seem to give problems. It completes the first
cycle and gets on with the next one.

In your case, just to be sure, you should give a look to
$FLUPRO/usermvax/mgdraw.f and update your mgdraw.f. One change in mgdraw.f
in version fluka2020 is that now there is a loop over the main stack
particles which is probably done to allow more than one source particle on
the stack, and some modifications for heavy ions and radioactive isotopes.

I am not sure if this will affect your FLUKA application.

In $FLUPRO/RELEASE-NOTES.fluka2020.0 you can find information about the
technical improvements and additions. Concerning modification of
user-written routines, it only advises to update the source.f-routines.

So there must be a different reason why your code does not run. Do you get
errors or warnings in the .err- or .out-files produced in the fluka_xxxxxx
working directory?


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On Thu, 21 Jan 2021, Ding, Qi wrote:
> Dear FLUKA experts,
> is there a big difference between FLUKA2020 and FLUKA2011.
> or where I can find the difference between the two version.
> because I could run simulations with mgdraw.f file before version upgraded.
> I upgraded the version(now I use fluka2020) last week.
> I try to run similar simulation today, the situation is it stays in the
> first cycle all the time.(the number of particles is 1000000, which is same
> as before)
> could you please help me check it  if there is anything wrong ?
> please find the input and mgdraw.f in the attachment.
> Best regrds,
> Qi Ding
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