[fluka-discuss]: concrete activation, neutron point source

From: angeld <angeld_at_inrne.bas.bg>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2021 17:42:41 +0200

Dear FLUKA experts and users,

In my last thread
(http://www.fluka.org/web_archive/earchive/new-fluka-discuss/18366.html) I
posted a question regarding the neutron fluence spectrum that we have
obtained and its graphical presentation.
My next step is to use it to study the activation of a spherical concrete
shell with the obtained neutron spectrum. So I decided to test it vs direct
simulation, i.e. with a simplified liquid target. The first issue is that
the specific activity of the generated isotopes of interest, in the case of
a neutron point source, is about 3-5 times higher than the direct
simulation. Is this result to be expected?
But what bothers me, even more, is that one of the isotopes 22Na is about
6000 times higher in the case of a direct simulation. Is it plausible to be
generated via 24Mg(p, alpha)22Na reaction? There is 0.2% Mg in the
I have attached the input files for the two simulations, the sorted
results, the source.f subroutine that I used and the file with the obtained

Best regards,
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