[fluka-discuss]: Time problem with Li-6 pointwise crossection

From: babintsev <babintsev_at_ihep.ru>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 09:16:09 +0300

  Dear experts,
  I am trying to use the example from the forum with optical photons
  and presence of Li-6 isotope
  I use FLUKA2020 Version 0.3


  I have added the MATERIAL card with Li-6 to get point-wise crossection
  into Prism.inp  file. (according to instructions)
  It was observed that
    1) in the case : NO MATERIAL card with Li-6 :
                  50 000 events take    CPU time:   1.116E+02 seconds
    2) the case with MATERIAL card with Li-6 :
                  10     events take    CPU time:   3.664E+01 seconds
       that is VERY LARGE time !

    1) is there any error ?  is it correct ?
    2) I have to install the latest FLUKA version ?  Fluka2020.0.9 ?
       ... keep the current version ?

     ==> see test.inp

thank you,

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