[fluka-discuss]: Unit Sv/h

From: Bastian Hesbacher <bastian.hesbacher_at_stud.tu-darmstadt.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 09:49:55 +0200

Dear users,

I am currently having some issues on how to simulate dose rate with an
unit of Sv/h or Sv/a.

This is my trial:

I am using the USRBIN card with the setting DOSE-EQ and 50 bins for the
first detector named Dosis. The second detector named Dosis1 is also
created with the USRBIN card and the setting DOSE-EQ but with 51 bins.
After that I am using the AUXSCORE card with the settings USRBIN,
ALL-PART, AMB74 and for the detectors a setting from Dosis to Dosis1.

After all I know the output of Dosis1 should now be the dose rate with
an unit of pSv/particle.

Is that correct?

If I now multiply my results of detector dose1 with the beam current
devided by the elementary charge and multiplied by 3600, I should get
the results with an unit of pSv/h.

Is this statement correct?

For a better overview, you can see the part of the input file in the
attachment. In this picture one can see aswell some other detectors
which are based on the same principle than Dosis and Dosis1 but are now
just comments.

I hope to receive a reply

Best regards,

Bastian Hesbacher

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