[fluka-discuss]: The meaning of WHATs in the PHOTONUC card for SDUM=MUMUPRIM

From: Hamideh Jalali <jalali.hb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2021 14:32:45 +0430

 Dear FLUKA experts

In the explanation of PHOTONUC card, FLUKA manual says: when selecting the
SDUM=MUMUPAIR or MUMUPRIM the meaning of What(1) and What(2) change but in
Flair, only when selecting MUMUPAIR the WHATs of PHOTONUC card change
whereas for SDUM=MUMUPRIM, Flair shows the same WHATs as SDUM=ELECTNUC.

What are the correct meanings of WHATs for SDUM=MUMUPRIM?

Best Regards

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