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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2021 09:49:16 +0200


concerning the installation of Flair on the most recent Fedora
distributions (33/34), one needs to install a python-tk compatible with

I'll provide in the download area the following rpm's


You have first to install python2-olefile from Fedora 33 (it works on 34
as well) and then install/update the two rpm's above (they work on both
Fedora 33 and 34).


> Dear expert
> We want to install fluka and flair on fedora Linux, which of the version
> is easy to install on fedora. We try rpm version, we successfully install
> fluka but Flair is complaining of tk dependence and can’t be install. Also
> we find it difficult to run fluka example because we were not able to
> locate where fluka was installed. We need a comprehensive way to install
> and run both fluka and flair on fedora.
> Thanks.
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