Re: [fluka-discuss]: Depth dose and range dependence with energy

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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 17:08:21 +0200

Dear Aline

I am not completely sure I understand your question. If you want the
longitudinal depth-dose profile, assuming you want the one radially
integrated, a cylindrical usrbin with 1 bin in radius (from 0 up to the
radius you wish) and many bins in Z. The results will be indeed in GeV/g,
I do not understand why you want them in energy x depth, maybe I did not
fully get your question. About the range, do you mean the depth at which
the dose has fallen to 90% of the peak dose? In this case the same usrbin
will give you the possibility to find that depth. Usrcoll is not suitable
for that purpose.

Write again (always to the list) if I misunderstood your question


> Dear Fluka Experts,
> I am conducting a study of monoenergetic proton beam incident on
> cylindrical geometry for various compositions. I need to evaluate the
> longitudinal dose distribution (depth x dose) and the range (90% of
> maximum
> dose) dependence with energy (energy x depth). However, I am confused
> about
> the output files. For the depth dose I used the USRBIN "dose" card which,
> according to the manual the dose is given in GeV/g per primary particle
> unit. In this case, for plotting would I get a cm x GeV/g/particle plot?
> About the second case, (energy x depth90), can I use the USRCOLL card?
> I am waiting for an answer,
> Att.
> --
> *Aline Granja*
> Physics Undergraduate
> Instituto do Noroeste Fluminense de Educação Superior (INFES)
> Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)
> +55 32 99804-5631

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