Re: Score neutron from 16O(p,xn) reaction

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 22:25:44 +0100

Dear Chenyen,

> But I do not have idea how to set the energy bin like 0-1.5MeV ,
> 1.5-2.5MeV in URSBIN.
> (also which what(1) in USRBINis suggested) .

USRBIN does not score as a function of particle energy, but it integrates
over the whole energy range. For your purposes, I suggest to use USRYIELD,
but no way to get the wished binning: the produced neutrons will fall in
the range of the multigroup treatment (which applies to neutrons below
20MeV), thus the energy binning will necessarily be that of the predefined

> There is message from output as following
> ***** I/O unit 40 cannot be opened to write formatted
> (unformatted) data for binning n. 2 *****
> ***** because of an unrecognized error *****
> ***** try with unit 41 *****

That's because you asked to use the unit 40 both as unformatted and
formatted (an unit can be opened in one of the two modes only).

Since you have a beam of 2 MeV protons, you need to lower the transport
threshold from the NEW-DEFA value of 10 MeV. (Consider that for proton
interactions at such a low energy, FLUKA is not at its best).

Moreover, electromagnetic transport can be switched off (EMF with

You changed the beam axis from z to x. You did it correctly, but it does
not seem at all to be needed.



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