Re: Score neutron from 16O(p,xn) reaction

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Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 14:22:56 +0800

Dear Francesco:

> USRBIN does not score as a function of particle energy, but it integrates
> over the whole energy range. For your purposes, I suggest to use USRYIELD,
> but no way to get the wished binning: the produced neutrons will fall in the
> range of the multigroup treatment (which applies to neutrons below 20MeV),
> thus the energy binning will necessarily be that of the predefined groups.
> Since you have a beam of 2 MeV protons, you need to lower the transport
> threshold from the NEW-DEFA value of 10 MeV. (Consider that for proton
> interactions at such a low energy, FLUKA is not at its best).
> Moreover, electromagnetic transport can be switched off (EMF with EMF-OFF).
> You changed the beam axis from z to x. You did it correctly, but it does not
> seem at all to be needed.

I'm sorry that I was intended to model a proton beam of 20MeV, but I
still do not know how
to lower the threshold. ( Defaults -> New-DEFA )

Distribution are calculated with respect to a fixed direction in USRYIELD
So I do not have to change the beam axis.

Note 11 of USRBIN, the azimuthal extend from -180 to 180. phi=0 correspond
to the x-axis.
If I want to score the neutron production angle with respect to the
beam projected direction,
my understanding is to change the beam axis from z to x ,nor I would
have a beam of z direction

Is it proper that I used the binning as my USRYIELD score with the
WHAT(4) and WHAT(5) (upper and lower limit)
to score with 0-1.5MeV,1.5-2.5..
( I hope I do not misunderstand the manual and output)

Please advise me

Chenyen Lee
Department of Nuclear Medicine
Chang Gang Memorial Hospital

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