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Dear all,

I simulate the neutron beam with scintillating material (carbon + hydrogen) and with the tungsten layers with the Fluka 2008 code and Geant-3 package.

And I was wondering how much the values of total cross sections which are implemented in these codes, are different. The most important for me are total cross sections for reactions:


neutron and carbon
neutron and hydrogen
neutron and tungsten
I am interested in the kinetic energy for the neutron in the range (300 - 800 MeV).

I would like to ask where I can find the table with these values in FLUKA, I saw in the manual something related with "FLUKA neutron library", this is a good trace ? Especially, in the range of kinetic energy in which I am interested in? I know that it is possible to achieve this information for low energy neutrons (LOW-NEUT + what(4)), but my neutrons have energy bigger than 20 MeV, so I think, I can't use this option.

bye and very thanks for any help,

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