Crossings of mesons wiht Xenon - if FLUKA is good tool for me?

From: Korzeniewski Rafal <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 14:36:15 +0100

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Dear Fluka Users!

I want to ask You if FLUKA can help me with my problem.

1.I want to simulate crossings of one mesons &#960; with one Xenons kernel.=
2.I need to know impact parameter (centrality)
3.Impact parameter should be random (from sensible bracket) for events
4.Energy of mesons is from section 2 &#8211; 4 GeV
5.Only few channels of reaction interested me
6.I need ~ milion events liek this=20

So I need to have many events where one meson is collide with one kernel of
Xenon and where the impact parameter is known and randomize. And from resul=
I will choose interesting for me channels.=20

I am not sure if FLUKA is good instrument to modeling this problem. I saw i=
documentation and mailing list more complicated geometrical problems, but n=
so simple like this one. And I don't know if it's possible to know and
randomize impact parameters
Can You answer me?=20

Best regards

Rafa=B3 Korzeniewski

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