Re: Crossings of mesons wiht Xenon - if FLUKA is good tool for me?

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 Dear Rafal,
  first of all FLUKA simulates, through the PEANUT package, all
  the few-GeV pion-nucleus reactions, that you want to study:

 - Channels for momentum of pion(+)=3D2.34 GeV/c

   pion(+) + Xe -> pion(0) +A'
   pion(+) + Xe -> proton + pion(0) +A'
   pion(+) + Xe -> proton + A'

 - Channels for momentum of pion(-) =3D 3.5 GeV/c

   pion(-) + Xe -> pion(0)+ A'
   pion(-) + Xe -> proton + pion(0) +A'
   pion(-) + Xe -> proton + A'

  You cannot, however, simulate single nucleus interactions with FLUKA.
  A good solution to this first problem could be to approximate your
  reaction by using a thin Xenon target: in this way you could get
  a lot of informations about your final states.
  You have, however, a second problem: you cannot get all information
  you need about the initial state (you cannot get impact
  parameters, etc...), that means that you cannot extract a random impact
  parameter as you want to do.
  One comment more. In principle the PEANUT event generator can be called
  in the source.f user routine, but it would violate the point 3. of the
  FLUKA user licence: following this point, you cannot "....modify any
  of the functions of FLUKA, or extract specific isolated results from any
  of the individual internal physics models embedded within FLUKA".

  Hope it could help somehow,
  best regards,

> Dear Fluka Users!
> I want to ask You if FLUKA can help me with my problem.
> 1.I want to simulate crossings of one mesons &#960; with one Xenons
> kernel.=3D
> =3D20
> 2.I need to know impact parameter (centrality)
> 3.Impact parameter should be random (from sensible bracket) for events
> 4.Energy of mesons is from section 2 =96 4 GeV
> 5.Only few channels of reaction interested me
> 6.I need ~ milion events liek this=3D20
> So I need to have many events where one meson is collide with one kernel
> of
> Xenon and where the impact parameter is known and randomize. And from
> resul=3D
> ts
> I will choose interesting for me channels.=3D20
> I am not sure if FLUKA is good instrument to modeling this problem. I saw
> i=3D
> n
> documentation and mailing list more complicated geometrical problems, but
> n=3D
> ot
> so simple like this one. And I don't know if it's possible to know and
> randomize impact parameters
> Can You answer me?=3D20
> Best regards
> Rafa=3DB3 Korzeniewski
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