Re: Scoring photofissions

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 23:34:22 +0100

Dear Alyssa,

the mentioned fix is expected to be included in the next major revision
(before if possible). It is hard to reliably tell you now a date.

The tag is provided by LRNFSS - TRUE if a fission took place - in



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On Mon, 16 Mar 2009, Alyssa Prinz wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am working on a project that involves simulating photofissions induced
> in U-235 by 15 MeV photons. I noticed the following message in
> the FLUKA release notes:
> "There is a known issue with photofission: the photonuclear interaction
> model is not up-to-date with respect to the present fission model.
> As a result, photofission can be heavily underestimated at low
> photon energies for fissile materials.
> A fix is in progress
> and it will be included in a future patch release."
> I was wondering if the patch is likely to be released sometime soon.
> Also, I am interested in scoring photofissions separately from other
> fissions. I think I can adapt mgdraw for this purpose,
> but I'm not sure how to distinguish fissions from other hadronic
> inelastic interactions. Does anyone know how fissions are tagged in FLUKA?
> Many thanks,
> Alyssa Prinz
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