HEAVYION production

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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 12:30:11 +0200 (CEST)

Dear FLUKA users,
    I made a simulation in order to score FFs energy deposition in a gas.
The fragments are emitted isotropically in angle and their emission point
is "homogeneously sampled"
inside the target.
    The target is a cylinder of U3O8 (radius = 4cm). FFs are sampled only
in the forward direction, since
a backing (not simulated) would stop FFs emitted backwards.
    FFs atomic masses and atomic numbers are generated according to a
   In order to take into account energy conservation, FFs total available
kinetic energy is given as the
sum of the V+0.8*Tn,where
V is given by the formula:
0.1178 Z**2 /(A**(1/3)) + 5.6 MeV
and Tn is sampled from an experimental spectrum.
The total kinetic energy is then distributed between 2 fragments in
inverse proportion to the fragment
El/Eh = Mh/Ml

El= kinetic energy of the light fragment
Eh= kinetic energy of the heavy frgment
Mh = atomic mass of the heavy fragment
Ml = atomic mass of the light fragment
Since it's the first time I simulate FFs, I'm not so sure I made everything
correctly. Could someone give a look,please?
And could someone tell me if FFs energy is to be given in GeV or GeV per
unit atomic mass,please?

Thank you very much,
best regards,
Francesca Belloni

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