TCQUENCH parameters

From: Andrey Smolyakov <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 18:29:01 +0400


I'm somehow stuck with the TCQUENCH option in Fluka...
Could you please explain what is exactly the reference time from which
the WHAT(1) seconds are counted. Is it a time when primary particle
originated, or a time when the binning in question scored it's first
event? Or what?

I need to simulate a TOF detector and I started with a simple model
(attached is my input file), where non-relativistic proton beam (~10 eV)
originates in vacuum and travels towards the area (100 cm away) where I
score protons' track-lenght density with the USRBIN option. Since this
is a non-relativistic case I use classical formulas to estimate time for
my primary beam to reach the detector, but I can see nothing in the
detector with these times. Increasing scoring time 3 orders of magnitude
does help to score something, but still I'm not clear what is wrong.
Well, it may be that I miss out something very simple but in any case I
would really appreciate your help as I'm stuck with it %)

Thanks in advance,
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