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From: Lucia Sarchiapone <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 15:29:44 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Mauro,

FLUKA is actually used in cosmic rays physics, as well as GEANT.
Some physics processes, anyway, are more accurately described in FLUKA
than in GEANT (e.g. hadronic interactions).
In general, if you want to use those codes for cosmic rays some further
programming is needed. In particular cosmic rays physics involves the
usage of spectra in a wide energy range, and to face such a condition it
is better to have a good knowledge of the code (whichever you decide to
use). For this purpose FLUKA courses are very useful.

In FLUKA there will be soon a user library for typical cosmic rays
problems, it will be called libgcr (GCR = galactic cosmic rays).


On Mar 26, 2009 10:08 PM, Mauro Alves <> wrote:

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> Dear FLUKA users=2C
> I am a total beginners in the study of particle/nuclear physics and
> Monte
> Carlo Method to study the transport of particles through a medium.
> I was given the task of studying/simulating the transport of neutrons
> produced by primary cosmic rays through the atmospher. It seems to be
> a "simpler"
> problem than most of you have to deal with.
> I would like to know if FLUKA is the best free software for this type
> of
> simulation.
> I've heard also of another free source code called GEANT. Is there any
> difference between it and FLUKA? I am fluent in both Fortran and C++
> so programming language is not an issue.
> Many thanks for your attention!
> Mauro
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