RE: Common problem, unclear solution

From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 15:08:16 +0200

Dear Joel
The code associates low-neutron cross sections to materials on the basis
of their name. The list of material names that is automatically
recognized is the list of available neutron data sets that can be found
in the library.
For any other material, the user shall associate the cross-sections set
to the material through the LOW-MAT card. In your case, the association
will be graphite--carbon
One important thing: the materials in the FLAIR database are NOT the
FLUKA pre-defined materials. They are there for your convenience only.
Another comment: when using compounds, the association has to be done
for all the components (if not pre-defined in fluka), not for the
compound itself.

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> This problem is cited repeatedly on the discussion board:
> "Low energy neutron xsec not found for some media"
> The solution to this problem, however, is unclear to me. I don't
> understand how a material (graphite) I've added from the Flair
> database does not have low energy neutron cross-sections properly
> associated with it.
> Any help in resolving this issue will be helpful since I have other
> inputs with an identical problem.
> Joel DeWitt
> Oklahoma State University
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