LET calculation problem

From: Jamshid SOLTANI <jsoltani_at_physics.pub.ro>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 11:40:12 +0300 (EEST)

Dear FLUKA users,

I would like to compare LET of carbon ions (290MeV/u) in water with SRIM
and ICRU 73 reported results.

For this purpose, I used USRYIELD to calculate d 2 N/dx 1 dx 2 where,
x 1 + LET (KeV/micron, g/cm3) and x 2 (Ekin GeV).
So my output is counts/ [GeV,KeV/micron, g/cm3]. Since water density is 1
g/cm3, my output is counts/ [GeV,KeV/micron] as a function of LET. To
obtain output data expressed in counts/ [KeV/microns], that is y, I
multiplied all output results by 3.480 GeV,
which is the x2 energy range.

To obtain LET, I performed a weighted average:

LET=Sigma (x 1i *yi)/Sigma (y i ) which gives 2.008 KeV/micron.

By SRIM I got 79.09 KeV/micron and in ICRU 73, 12.84 KeV/micron (for 300

Could you please help me to obtain correct dE/dx expressed in KeV/micron?

Which range for LET is correct for water (0-15, 0-1200 ...)?

Thank you.
With Regards,


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