Problems with ~9000 regions and materials.

From: Juan Blanco Sancho <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 12:23:59 +0200

Dear Fluka experts,
I am having troubles when running a simulation of a cylinder made of
9.776 regions or 927 regions. When I tried it with 432 regions it seems
My GLOBAL card is set to allow 10.000 regions but Fluka stops reading
the inp file, or at least is what I think, on the MATERIAL cards at my
material 670. As every region has a different value of density I create
9.776 or 927 materials one for each region and the corresponding LOW-MAT
card, I dont know if this is a problem.
The inp files are attached. one for the 9.776 regions and another with
432 regions.

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