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From: Steffen Mueller <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 10:32:51 +0200

Hi Rob,

this might help you, just saw it recently as I also had the same question:

According to this ATRACK is not the age of the track but the time since first
interaction, which is - as far as I understood - what you were asking for.


Rob Appleby wrote:
> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I would like to save in mgdraw.f the age of a particle, with t=0 at the time
> of the first interaction. i.e. the total age.
> ATRACK in TRACKR gives the age of the track which needs to be summed up over
> the history to give the total age of a final particle.
> I've used SPAREK as a running time sum through the cascade, which I update
> in
> stuprf.f after every hadronic interaction by adding ATRACK to this running
> sum
> (adding the TRACK age of the parent). This gives (I think) the age of the
> final particle, when read out in mgdraw at the end, with a contribution for
> every track ending in a hadronic interaction. In stupre.f I also do the same
> thing for EM interactions, except the particles produced in the EM
> interaction
> are already pushed onto the stack and so I can't add the parent age to the
> running sum in SPAREK. I tried adding
> AGEMF(Npstrt) but this is already the daughter particles and so equal to 0.
> Is this possible to update the running sum correctly, or is there a better
> way
> to get this total age?
> Many thanks,
> Rob
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