USRBIN with beams at arbitrary angles and positions?

From: Roy Keyes <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 23:28:20 -0600

Hello Fluka users,

I am wondering if it is possible to use USRBIN to score along the path
of a beam that has an arbitrary angle and position.

So far I have had some success scoring a beam offset, but parallel to
the geometry Z-axis with an R-Phi-Z binning [WHAT(1) = 11] and a single
Phi bin. (I assume this is equivalent to what the manual considers R-Z
binning.) I have accomplished this by setting the WHAT(5) to the Y
coordinate of the beam and the continuation card WHAT(2) to the X
coordinate of the beam in the geometry frame.

I have not found a way to change the angle of the USRBIN bins to score a
beam that is not parallel to the Z-axis. Is this possible?

If not, do you have other suggestions to score energy (or dose) along
the beam path for a beam with an arbitrary angle? I am attempting to
score the dose from particle beams inside a voxel phantom.

Thank you,
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