Re: Activity of a source

From: Sebastien WURTH <>
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 12:57:19 +0100

Hello Angelo,

You put the activity in your normalization factor when you prepare the
dose profile of the USRBIN card you used.
If you use the code 240.0 in WHAT(2) of the first usrbin card and the
proper auxscore filter you will get pSv/primary.
The activity must be a part of your normalization factor in order to get
results in mSv/h. Did you try this ?
It should work, it always does by me.

Hope it helps.

Angelo Infantino wrote :

>Good Morning to all
>I want to simulate a simple real process: i want to calculate the dose (in mSv/h)
>of a 137Cs source at 1 m.
>My question is: If i do the analitical calculus of the dose i have to use
>the gamma costant that is normalized for the activity of the source, but in fluka
>in the definition of the beam/source i don't give it information about the activity.
>In fact at the end of my simulation i obtain a dose profile that is the same of the theoretical
>but the order of magnitude of dose is not the correct!
>(i have converted the value in mSv/h with a normalization factor)
>So In this case how fluka consider the activity?
>I hope that my question is clear.
>Best regards
>Angelo Infantino
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