Helper utilities not compiled by make command anymore

From: <>
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 17:19:08 +0100

Dear FLUKA experts

I recently switched to the newest respin of FLUKA. To install the new
version, I extracted the tar archive and executed the make command in
the root directory of the extracted archive. After my first test run I
realised, that the helper utilities (usbrea, usbsuw,...) are not
compiled automatically anymore with the make command. I tried again to
execute make, make all, make utils, but none succeeded. I also executed
manually the make command in the flutil directory, which ended with the
same result. I succeeded in compiling the utilities by using fff and
lfluka, so I think there is no general problem with compiling.

To test if something with my computer setup is wrong, I installed again
a former version of FLUKA: fluka2008.3b.1. There the make command
executed in the main directory compiled all the helper utilities in

I saw that the makefiles changed a little, but I was not able to track
down the problem. Maybe someone of you understands the changes.

Thanks for your help!
Best regards,

Roger H√elg
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