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From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 20:01:55 +0100

Hi Roger,

Flair is trying to peek the information on the status of the Run by
reading the output files produced by FLUKA in the temporary directory.
There is a timeout (set in the preferences) of a couple of minutes, when
nothing has changed then it shows the "Timeout" message.
This can happen in long runs, and if FLUKA is not writing any
information. In this case click the "Attach" button and flair will
re-attach to the current run.


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Dear Fluka and especially Flair experts

I'm using FLUKA version 2008.3c.0 and Flair version 0.7.9 for my
simulations. I noticed that when I start a run which does not finish
within a few minutes, the progress status in the "Run Fluka" tab does
not work. In the beginning of a run the messages are as usual: waiting
to attach and running. But after some minutes the status changes to
"timed-out" and all the information on the current cycles and run are
gone. I can see, by using for instance the linux command top, that the
process is still running and I get normal results of the run as
expected. Only the progress information does not work.=20
I tried to update the information by using the refresh button, but it
does not help.=20

Did anyone notice the same behaviour and is there a solution to this

Thanks for your help!


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