Re: Normalizatio/Unit of DETECT card

From: Ali Koosha <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 15:06:12 +0330

Thanks very much.

1. It seems that the retrieved spectrum (provided by DETECT) is not
compatible with other codes (EGS5 and MCNP) and experimental results. A
normalization by maximum naturally gives the same photpeak efficiency, but
the Compton edge and escape peaks become out of scale (by orders of
magnitude). Normalization by average, makes the photopeak efficiency wrong,
however the Compton edge is good. These all denotes that the "shape" of the
result is not correct.

2. About the units of the DETECT cards, my confusion relies on the magnitude
of calculated data. In the case of a simple 2"x2" cylindrical detector
exposed to 1.0 MeV gamma-rays, the output of about 1.0e-40. I have not any
interpretation for this.

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