RE: Processing USERDUMP files

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 18:35:48 +0200

Hi Sergey,

Paola already replied on one way to post-process the USERDUMP file of
FLUKA to obtain the coordinates of the trajectories.

If you're interested in drawing them there is also the possibility to
use the PipsiCAD3D plugin which is coming with SimpleGeo. This will
allow you to post-process the USERDUMP as well as draw the trajectories
in 3D including functionalities like studying the evolution of the
tracks as a function of time, applying filters with respect to energy &
particle type etc.

You can find a demonstration video as well as more info on how to do
this in SimpleGeo's manual at


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> Subject: Processing USERDUMP files
> Dear Fluka experts.
> By my numerical experiments I need to draw trajectories of particles.
> As I know, I can do this using USERDUMP card. So, after running my
> project (5 cycles) I obtain 5 files from USERDUMP detector =
> of course). In FLAIR I wasn't able to find any ability for processing
> them.
> So, my questions are:
> 1) Which program shall I use to process files from USERDUMP?
> 2) Will be result in text or binary format?
> 2) Is it possible to do this in FLAIR?
> Thanks a lot!
> Best Regards!
> Sergey Merts
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