Processing USERDUMP files

From: <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 11:16:37 +0400

Dear Fluka experts.

By my numerical experiments I need to draw trajectories of particles. As I know, I can do this using USERDUMP card. So, after running my project (5 cycles) I obtain 5 files from USERDUMP detector (unformatted of course). In FLAIR I wasn't able to find any ability for processing them.

So, my questions are:
1) Which program shall I use to process files from USERDUMP?
2) Will be result in text or binary format?
2) Is it possible to do this in FLAIR?

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards!
Sergey Merts
Received on Thu May 20 2010 - 10:04:19 CEST

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