Re: Difficult geometry problem -- tentative resolution

From: Joseph Comfort <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 16:58:43 -0700

Hi Vasilis,

Thank you for your reply and all of the information and attachments.
They are helpful. The figures are amazing, and I will eagerly look
forward to your next version of Flair.

I have been changing some strategies in my geometry file. I encountered
many more error messages from the Fluka debug than I had gotten before,
and made adjustments that then seemed to work. I still have (at least)
one problem to fix, in the difficult region of the pipe bend. I do not
get messages about undefined regions or points in more than one regions,
just dumps of MA and FTD arrays. And when I try to narrow down on the
Fluka debug scan, the error location for the arrays changes in big ways.
 There has to be a better way; your new code should help.

I am not entirely clear on the transform option in Flair. It comes up
as only a rotation in place. I'll try to work with it, probably by
building a section of the layout (in the blackhole?) and then moving and
rotating it.

With regards,
Joe Comfort
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