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From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 08:46:10 +0200

Hi Francesca,
to my knowledge the option to translate full regions via ROT-DEFI cards
is not yet available. So one way to do it in FLUKA would be the use of
LATTICE as shown in the example you mentioned.

An alternative option would be the functionality provided by SimpleGeo
for such purposes. There you can apply arbitrary transformations to each
region or to the whole geometry. We've been using this to build full
beam-lines using magnet prototypes that have been modeled only once and
underwent subsequent transformation.

However, you need to pay a bit of attention if you're transforming
regions that use bodies that are also used in regions that will not be
translated. Furthermore, I should mention that you would get really
different versions of the geometry for each transformation and not one
unique version which you modify online by using a LATTICE or ROT-DEFI

More info can be found in the section "relative coordinate frames" and
"creation of replicas" of SimpleGeo's manual. In case you need more
info, let me know.



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Subject: Roto-translation

Dear all,
          is it possible defining one object and moving that with with a
roto-translation, please?
   On the example
discuss/att-0755/example.inp It's shown it is possible defining one composite
object and duplicate+moving that with the LATTICE card.
   Is it possible moving the object itself, to set that in different
positions in different input files without redefining the object by scratch in
each *.inp, please?

Thank you,
Francesca Belloni
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