Re: Problem in installing Fluka on UBUNTU 10.04

From: Vadim Talanov <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 11:24:53 +0400

Dear Prasanta,

In my very naive view, your problem may be in which particular g77
package you have manually installed in Ubuntu 10.04 and how (since g77
is not there by default, and is not supposed to be there being replaced
with gfortran).


PS: Since this issue is not directly related to FLUKA installation I
would propose to stay with the next questions apart from the FLUKA
mailing list, unless of course the maintainers will propose the opposite.

On 08.07.2010 16:13, Prasanta Kumar Sahani wrote:
> Dear Fluka users,
> I want to use FLUKA code on UBUNTU 10.04. I have installed g77 in my PC
> and it is working perfectly. when I tried to install FLUKA, it is
> showing the following message.
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