Large number of error messages

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 11:58:41 +0200

Hi Peter
- First concerning the 3 % missing energy in the output file summary
there is nothing abnormal from a physics point of view. This corresponds
to the change in binding energy (Q) between nucleons whenever you have a
nuclear reactions which change the target nucleus... It can be negative
or positive depending of the type of reactions...

- I would not worry too much about the message in the err and output
file as you still manage to finish the calculation. It is hard to figure
out where they come from, it could be due to rounding effect in your
source routine (could not checked as it was not provided). For example,
you may be sampling primary particles direction without using double
precision for the direction cosine. This is just a guess.
Hope it helps

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De: de la part de Peter
Date: jeu. 08/07/2010 19:02
Objet : Large number of error messages
Dear Fluka Users,

Any help that could be provided to a new Fluka/Flair user would be
much appreciated. I am simulating a moderately complex geometry with a
custom source file written by my supervisor. He has used the source
before, so I suspect that it is probably fine, although I may be
calling it in the wrong way. I am able to complete Fluka runs (I
submit them to a batch farm). However, I do get a large number of
error messages such as the ones below for each seed. I have also
noticed that in the out file it suggests that 3% of the energy is
missing in the summary towards the end.

Best wishes,

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